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Aleister Crowley: The Beast Demystified by Roger Hutchinson

American Terrorist by Lou Michel and Dan Herbeck

Anatomy of An Illness by Norman Cousins

Bruce Chatwin by Nicholas Shakespeare

Direct Action: Memoirs Of An Urban Guerilla by Ann Hansen

Dreamer of the Day by Kevin Coogan

The Essential John Nash ed by Harold Kuhn and Sylvia Nassar

Fuhrer-Ex by Ingo Hasselbach

Heidegger and the Nazis by Jeff Collins

Homage To Catalonia by George Orwell

Into the Unknown by Andy Murray

Karl Marx by Francis Wheen

Kropotkin and the Rise of Revolutionary Anarchism by Caroline Cahm

Like A Fiery Elephant by Jonathan Coe

The Man Who Invented The Twentieth Century by Robert Lomas

The Man Who Only Loved Numbers by Paul Hoffman

Memoir Of A Fascist Childhood by Trevor Grundy

Mussolini by RJB Bosworth