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  • How Much Should a New Roof Cost?

    There is a plethora of reasons why you may require a new roof, none of which are particularly fun. However, you must take each of them seriously. Buying a new roof for your home can be daunting even if you enjoy shopping. This is because there are different roofs for different kinds of homes, and so the price ranges for these roofs also differ.

    Seeing as there is no fixed amount to spend on a roof, an average estimate is your best bet. On average, a homeowner spends around $15,000 to $20,000 for a new roof. This price covers 3 bedrooms, 2 bedroom homes with a wide roof pitch, asphalt shingles with superior architectural design, and a roof design. Depending on just what your roofing needs are, it may cost you a little extra to customize your roof to your requirements. It is important to contact a competent roofing contractor and consult them on the right roof for your home that will last for decades to come.

    Why should you invest in a new roof?

    Roofs are absolutely necessary to protect your family in your home. But why must you invest in quality roofing and not just buy any cheap roof you find? The answer to this question just might help you make the right decision and prevent roof leakage or damage after a short time.

    1. Investing in a quality new roof will save you some money in the long runĀ 

    Replacing your roof, or fixing a leakage in your roof is definitely going to cost you a few bucks. This is why you must go for quality and avoid cheap roofs. A quality roof will last you for decades without any need for a quick fix or a complete change. When dealing with roof prices, one must be careful not to pick out weak roofing materials that will lead to even higher roofing expenses in the future, all in a bid to cut costs.

    2. A new roof showcases the quality and beauty you pay for

    This is a fairly obvious reason to invest in a new roof. Buying a cheap roof will reflect poorly on the overall beauty of your home. Roofs are usually the icing on the cake when it comes to your home design. And so installing a poor-quality roof could ruin the aesthetics you are going for.

    Quality roofing on the other hand will promote the beauty and quality of your home to onlookers. And we both know the price difference between a quality roof and a substandard one is really no price at all if it ensures you get the look of your dreams.

    3. You will have access to improved warranty options

    Investing in a new roof will provide you with two main types of warranties that will help in protecting your roof from any future accidents that may happen. The first warranty you get is regarding the workmanship of the roofing contractor you use. You also get a warranty on the roofing materials directly from the manufacturer. Installing a quality new roofing system gives you access to these warranties and more. You will also get an architectural asphalt shingle coupled with several other roofing components. This material warranty ensures that the manufacturer is liable for any defect in materials, labor, and dump fees for up to 50 years if any of the materials turn out to be defective.

    That goes without saying, buying a cheap roof won’t qualify you for these amazing warranty benefits. If you are lucky enough to get a few warranties, it may be voided soon after as a result of irregularities like attic ventilation, or improper installation process as a result of inexperience workmanship. The quality of labor and materials you use also goes a long way to determine the nature of the warranty you’re qualified to get. If you hire an installation company that offers the lowest labor costs on the market, you may never get credible warranties that you cash in if the need ever arises. In most cases, these contractors are not able to offer more than a five-year workmanship warranty as they may not be able to cover damages that may be incurred later, as you continue to live in the home. These companies often hope to install your new roof and live out the short time frame after which they are not responsible for any repairs that may be needed.

    4. The lifespan of your roof will be maximized

    How long your roof will last is dependent on the grade of quality you invest in. This is often the reward you get from your investment. This is why it is necessary to purchase the right materials for your roofing project. You will get the maximum number of years from your roofing system if you invest in the right materials.

    For instance, purchasing an asphalt roof could serve you for up to 20 to 30 years, depending on the exact type of shingle that is used. If you go ahead and compromise on quality, it is almost certain that your roof will not attain its full potential, and you will have lost a few thousands. There also might be the temptation of buying quality roofing materials but paying for cheap and incompetent labor to install the new roof.

    Doing this means you run the risk of having outdated or ineffective roofing techniques used to mount or install your roof. And so, getting quality materials may just mean nothing if you do invest in the appropriate expert to install them. This may lead to you enduring a roofing system that begins to fail a short time after installation and in some extreme cases, lead to some dangerous accidents. Just as you intend to invest in quality materials, pair it with competent and experienced workmanship.

    The bottom line remains that if you buy cheap roofing systems in a bid to cut costs, you will eventually need a new roof sooner than you thought, causing you a lot more than the price of an initial quality roof.